How To – Download you tube video in chrome

Everyone has used you tube(well if you are reading this you have anyway) and a most of you would have at least heard of Chrome by now. If you have heard of Chrome it’s a web browser that Google have released.

Chrome has alot of nifty features, and some impressive rendering speed but it also has some other lesser known features. This one is handy for those of you who want to download a you tube video. This is normally a pain, you need 3rd party software you then need to get the URL of the video and copy paste yadda yadda yadda.

Chrome makes this alot easier, because of the way chrome works if you want to download a you tube video all you need to do is make up a bookmark, yep that’s it once the bookmark is made up whenever you want to download a you tube vid just click the bookmark and it will save the video you are watching at the time.

To setup the bookmark in Chrome(if you don’t have chrome try it

1. Open Chrome, if you don’t have a bookmarks bar press ctrl + B
2. Right Click on the bookmarks bar and select “Add Page”

3. In the Name Field enter what you want to call it “Download YouTube Video” for example

4. In the URL field paste in

javascript:window.location.href = ‘’ + yt.getConfig(“SWF_ARGS”)[‘video_id’] + “&sk=” + yt.getConfig(“SWF_ARGS”)[‘sk’] + ‘&t=’ + yt.getConfig(“SWF_ARGS”)[‘t’];

5. Hit “Ok”.

That’s it, now every time you a watching a video, just click on the bookmark and it will give you the option to save it.

Cheers Smurf

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